Monday, April 9, 2018

A Couple of Updates!

First of all, I just wanted to remind you all that there's a new story coming on the 12th (in less than 3 days!).  It's called "Bliss" and it features the gorgeous Janice Griffith.  It follows a womanizer who, after partnering up with a dominant woman, undergoes a drastic feminization.  I really enjoyed writing it, and I think everyone's going to love how it turned out.

Next, I titled the third of April's releases (coming on the 24th).  It's called "Almost", and tells the story of a young man who undergoes a complete transformation in order to better fit in when he goes to college.  This one features the super sexy Remy Lacroix (probably the best body in porn, as far as I'm concerned!). 

And last (but certainly not least), I want to reiterate that when I reach 400 active Supporters, I will be releasing a new book in the Omar Bell series (which will be free to Supporters).  While I expect it to happen next month, the release my sneak into April. 

Anyway keep checking back for more updates!

If you'd like to read these (or any of my other stories), just click on the following link to become one of my Patreon Supporters:

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