Saturday, April 14, 2018

An Announcement!

First of all, I just wanted to remind everyone that this month's third story is due out on the 24th (just 10 days away!).  It's called "Almost", and it features Remy Lacroix in the tale of a young man who poses as a transgender college freshman in order to join his cousin's sorority.  So keep a lookout for that!

Second, I'm letting you all that the release schedule for next month has been changed.  In addition to "The Shape of Me" (which is an interracial feminization story) and an as-yet-untitled story about the age regression of a powerful billionaire, I've added a third story.  May was supposed to be a two-story month, but I just couldn't help myself. 

The third story features Kendra Lust, and follows an apathetic young man who, after buying a mysterious medallion, begins to understand his long-suffering mother in wholly unexpected ways. 

It's kind of a different sort of story for me, so I hope you'll all enjoy it!  And as always, thanks for your support!

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