Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Coming Month

Last month was pretty good.  While the supporter base didn't quite grow as much as I'd like (there are bound to be down months!), the stories were very well received.  If you're new (or you just didn't see them), here's what you missed:

The first one released last month was "Collision" (released on April 1). 

I was really glad this one was as well-liked as it was, because I took a bit of a chance with it by writing it from the point-of-view of a genetic girl who falls under the spell of a transgender woman.  It featured Kagney Linn Karter and Faye Reagan. 

Next up was a story called "Bliss" (released on April 12). 

This one was fun because it was a call-back to a common theme (feminized playboy).  I liked writing it, in part, because it dealt with issues like obsession.  I'm also a huge fan of the model, Janice Griffith. 

Finally, I released "Almost" on April 24. 

This one was probably the best-received of the trio, but I sort of expected it to be.  It follows an awkward, bullied young man who, in order to fit in during his freshman year of college, poses as a transgender girl.  It features Remy Lacroix, who seems tailor-made for this sort of thing. 
Hopefully, May will be just as good (or better!) than April.  I'm really excited about what's on tap for this month, so I'll get right to it.

First up (to be released on May 3) is "The Shape of Me".  Like many of my stories, it was written on commission (for someone who never actually paid for it, but that's a whole different story), but I liked it enough to release it anyway.  Featuring Aria Alexander (yum!), it follows a man as he comes to grips with his feminine nature in an increasingly black-dominated world. 

Second (to be released on May 14) is a story simply titled "Mother".  Featuring Kendra Lust, it's the story of an apathetic young man who, after acquiring an old medallion, begins to slowly transform into his mother's twin.  This is a plot I've had in my back pocket for a while now, and I was really pleased with how it turned out. 

Finally, there's a story called "Chrysalis" (to be released on May 27), which follows an rich, dying man who, after a chance meeting with an old business associate, is given the chance to reverse the aging process.  After undergoing the painful transformation, he gets something far different than what he expected.  It features the absolutely gorgeous Brittney White. 

So - that's what's coming this month.  I hope you'll all stick around to read these, because I think it's a fantastic lineup.  Next month (June) will see the release of a dystopian story set in an alternate world where the female population has been in decline for an entire generation (starring Kylie Quinn).  I'll also release a story about a man who resorts to feminization to climb the corporate ladder (featuring Ash Hollywood).  And finally, there's one about a car salesman whose dealership is taken over by an owner with a feminist bent (featuring Adrian Maya). 

Like I said, there's a fun set of stories coming, and I hope you'll all enjoy them as much as I have writing them!

So, if you're interested in these (or any of the 50+ other caption stories available), there's never been a better time to become one of my supporters.  Also, as I mentioned last month, when I pass 400 (active) supporters, I intend to release a new Omar Bell Universe book (free to my Supporters).  I've been flirting with that number for about six weeks now, and I'd love to zoom past it this month!

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