Girl-A-Matic Guides

Due to their popularity, I decided to make a special section for the Girl-a-Matic guides.  In case you don't know, the idea behind Girl-a-Matic was not originally mine.  I merely started creating guides of my own as a tribute to the original site.

How to Put Your Bratty Brother in Bras

I had created a few single captions in the Girl-a-Matic style, but this was my first attempt at a full guide.  While true to the original format (even the cover is nearly identical to the original style), I didn't think this was my best work.  It was fun, and I was happy with it in the end, but I couldn't help shaking the feeling that I could have done better.  Either way, it was a really popular project, and was the beginning of my most popular series to date.

How to Feminize Your (Least) Favorite Frat Boy

I decided to mix the format up a bit.  I kept a few of ideas behind the style, but with this one, I wanted to create my own style while keeping the spirit of the old guides.  The major change is that the story/guide is entirely self-contained.  Rather than put the dialogue in the picture (and elaborate outside of it), I just put everything into the caption.  I also decided to stick with a single model throughout for continuity.  Finally, I put nudity in the caption; that's just what I like to see in this genre.


 How to Feminize Your Friend for Fun and Profit

This one is a little more "guide-like" than the others.  But it also tells a better story (I think).  We all know someone who has been stuck in the "friend zone".  Maybe some of you have been that person.  But it's an extremely relatable idea.  We also know women who would use that situation to their advantage.  And so, this little story was born from that.  Probably some of my best work.  I'm particularly proud of the last frame.  It hardly even resembles the original photograph anymore, and it works so well with the story.

How to Feminize Your Philandering Fiancee


  1. Ahh tis a shame. :( I would love to be put through any one of these processes.

  2. I would love my sister making me a sissy.

  3. You know, this is actually a pretty insightful look at manipulation, especially in a sexual context. Are you a psych major, or something?

    1. It's funny you should mention it - I did minor in psychology.

  4. Superb explanation of the gradual seduction of a little white boi with a tiny penis into feminization. You are a genius and I love looking at your pix and reading the captions. keep up the great work !!!!

    ms. karli kunt

  5. when I was a kid my sister actually dressed me up in a dress and high heels, she even had me in a bra and make up. I absolutely loved it.

  6. I love this site. These pics/captions are so hot

  7. Please make more of these!! They are so good!!

  8. It's things like this that make me wish I had a sister. Preferably an older sister!

  9. God I wish that was me, can you make another one about a brother and add a black cock to it?