Publishing Schedule

Updated 9/14/2018

Following is my publishing schedule.  I may (and probably will) change some of the details here, but the basics will probably remain the same.  I release two caption stories (on the 9th and 19th) and one book (on the 29th) of each month.  You can find out more about how to access this content by clicking HERE.

Note: If you're not interested in the caption stories, but still want to read my books, you can buy them on my Amazon page, which you can find HERE.  

9/19/2018 - Political Animals (captions)

A conservative gubernatorial candidate is feminized by his new campaign manager.  Features August Ames.

9/29/2018 - Hitman Story (captions)

After killing a woman-beating mob boss, an assassin is forced to go into hiding as a young woman.  Features Lilith Lust.

10/9/2018 - Tricked Athlete Story (captions)

A young, college track star is slowly tricked by an ex-girlfriend into feminization.  Features Gracie Glam.

10/19/2018 - Ghost Story (captions)

After moving into a haunted house, a man is possessed by the ghost of a murdered woman, who proceeds to take over his life.  He must figure out who killed her before she completely erases his masculine identity.  Stars Lucy Doll.

10/29/2018 – Married (book)

In the eighth book in the Omar Bell series, an overweight photographer must cope with the transformation wrought by the nefarious Dr. Bell’s biological attack while simultaneously coming to terms with his new place in the world.

11/9/2018 - Kidnapping Story (captions)

The son of an oil magnate is kidnapped, feminized, and forced into prostitution.  Features Holly Hendrix.

11/19/2018 - Cop Story (captions)

In order to infiltrate a black supremacist group, a rookie cop goes undercover as a feminized white male.  Star TBD.

11/29/2018 – A Fresh Start (book)

In the ninth book in the Omar Bell series, an interracial young man is transformed by Bell’s biological compound.  

12/9/2018 - Spy Story (captions)

A super-spy is captured and forced into a life of a female servitude.  Stars Peta Jensen.

12/19/2018 - “Supernatural” (captions)

In an homage to the television program, “Supernatural”, Sam and Dean Winchester run afoul of a witch’s feminizing curse.  They must figure out how to counter the curse while coping with their increasingly feminine bodies. Features Aubrey Gold and Silvie Deluxe.

12/29/2018 – David Jones and the Pursuit of Dr. Bell (book)

In the tenth (and penultimate) book in the Omar Bell series, a government agent named David Jones tracks down the terrorist while dealing with his own transformation.

1/9/2019 - Journalist Story (captions)

An enterprising journalist investigates a forced feminization in ring and ends up becoming part of the story.  Stars Scarlet Red.

1/19/2019 - “Sons of Anarchy” (captions)

In an homage to the television program, “Sons of Anarchy”, Jax Teller escapes the titular motorcycle gang by fleeing across the country.  When they have a close call with a Nomad biker, his girlfriend, Tara decides that new identities are in order.  Features Rikki Six.

1/29/2019 – The Origin of Omar Bell (book)

In the final Omar Bell book, we look back at how a once-idealistic scientist became a terrorist.  

2/9/2019 - Arranged Marriage (captions)

To appease a powerful man, a woman offers her no-good son up as a wife.  Stars Priya Rai. 

2/19/2019 - Virtual Reality (captions)

When a young man angers his little sister, she tweaks his virtual reality game by turning his avatar into a girl.  Soon, it starts taking over and affecting his real life.  Features Charity Crawford.

2/29/2019 – Fantasy Book (Title TBD) (book)

A country stuck in a perpetual, two-sided war succumbs to her neighbors, the female-dominated nation to her west and the savage barbarians to her east.  This spells doom for its population as its men are forcibly transformed into feminine, submissive slaves while the women are sent away.  

3/9/2019 - Celebrity Look-a-Like (captions)

A young man is kidnapped, feminized, and forced into prostitution as a shemale version of a famous singer.  Stars Apolonia Lapiedra.

3/19/2019 - Gemini: Volume Three (captions)

In the third installment of the game-show-focused series, a man switches places with his stepdaughter.  Stars Whitney Wright.

3/29/2019 – Age Regression Book (Title TBD) (book)

After his wife finds evidence of his age regression fetish, a man is forced to assume the role of a high school freshman.

4/9/2019 - Arms Dealer (captions)

A young ATF agent accepts an assignment to go undercover as an arms dealer’s long-lost transgender daughter.  Features Megan Salinas.

4/19/2019 - Filipina Servitude (captions)

The do-nothing son of a wealthy Filipino-American family is sent to work as an indentured servitude in Kuwait.  When he gets there, his mistress has some outlandish ideas about his role in her household.  Features Michelle Maylene. 

4/29/2019 – Voyeur, Inc. (book)

A young man finds an ad online for a company who offers to “practically put you into the skin of your favorite celebrity”.  Thinking that it’s just another voyeur site, he responds, which sends him down the road to becoming a female celebrity’s doppleganger.  

5/9/2019 - Racecar Driver (captions)

After being wrecked in the Indy 500, a man is told he’ll never race again.  So, he vows revenge on the man ended his racing career.  Features Alexis Texas.

5/19/2019 - Feminization Fetish (captions)

When his wife finds out about his feminization fetish, a man is forced to take it further than he ever thought possible.  Stars Kira Noir.

5/29/2019 – A New World (book)

A colonist on his way to tame a new planet wakes up from hibernation to find himself almost completely transformed.  

6/9/2019 - Feminization School (captions)

After flunking out of college, a young man is sent to a feminization school.  Multiple stars TBD.

6/19/2019 - Role Reversal Story (captions)

When his wife gets a promotion at work, she starts to become more dominant.  And when he gets demoted at his own job, he and his wife start to assume opposite gender roles, eventually resulting in a complete switch. Features Chloe Couture.

6/29/2019 – Elf Story (Title TBD) (book)

A race of elves is subjected to a feminizing curse perpetrated by their sworn enemy, the orcs.  This is a tribute to the work of Barry Blair.

7/9/2019 - Maid Study (captions)

In an attempt to study the psychological effect of servitude, a pair of academics agree to take part in their friend’s experiment, which would have the man assume the role of a live-in maid for a year. Stars Jayden James.

7/19/2019 - Fraternity Story (captions)

A fraternity war gets out of hand, resulting in the bulk of a fraternity being feminized.  Multiple stars TBD.

7/29/2019 – American Tranny (book)

A closeted transgender girl lets out her true nature while at spring break.  The romance between her and a newly met boy turns sour when he learns the truth of her gender.  

8/9/2019 – Widower Story (captions)

A man can’t cope with his wife’s death and slowly assumes her identity.  Stars London Keyes.

8/19/2019 - Football Bet (captions)

After losing his fantasy football league, a man is forced to make a series of feminizing changes to his life.  Stars Megan Rain.

8/29/2019 – Once Bitten (book)

A pair of men take things too far at a bachelor party and suffer the consequences.  

9/9/2019 - Bar Story (captions)

After visiting a fetish bar which is staffed entirely by transgender women, a man is unable to resist the urge to keep going back.  Eventually, he becomes one of the staff.  Stars Allie Haze.

9/29/2019 – Not a Freak (book)

A transgender pornstar’s memoir.  

9/19/2019 - Feminized Husbands: Volume Two (captions)

In an attempt to win an obscene amount of money, a group of ten men undergo drastic transformations.  Multiple stars TBD.

10/9/2019 - Gemini: Volume Four (captions)

The owner of a struggling business agrees to adopt his sister’s (who works as his assistant) identity. Stars Lena Paul.

10/19/2019 - Halloween Crossdressing Story (captions)

A woman convinces her husband to attend a Halloween party dressed as a girl, which sends him down the path of complete feminization.  Stars Alexa Grace.

10/29/2019 – Wide Right (book)

A replacement kicker misses the field goal of his life and, due to a rabid fanbase, must go into hiding. A remaster of /elaboration on a short story I wrote a long time ago.

11/9/2019 - Baseball Player Story (captions)

An up-and-coming minor league baseball player hits a slump.  To get an edge, he starts to take some questionable supplements which have the opposite of the desired effect.  Stars Blair Williams.

11/19/2019 - Corporate Story (captions)

When a company falls under new ownership, its (male) employees are subjected to an increasingly restrictive dress code.  Multiple stars TBD.

11/29/2019 – Tricked Feminization Book (Title TBD) (book)

A naïve young man is tricked by a romantic rival into becoming a sissy.

12/9/2019 - Home for the Holidays (captions)

A girl comes home from college to find that her father isn’t the man he used to be.  Stars Aaliyah Love/Ashlynn Brooke.

12/19/2019 - Military Story (captions)

In an attempt to infiltrate a militant, feminist cult, a group of soldiers are feminized.  Stars Jynx Maze.

12/29/2019 – A Simple Joke (book)

A simple joke becomes something much more life-changing when a young man is mistaken for a real transgender girl.

1/9/2020 - Pop Singer Story (captions)

A striking woman takes control of a pop singer’s life.  Stars AJ Applegate.

1/19/2020 - Porn Producer (captions)

A misogynistic porn producer is persuaded to get in front of the camera.  Stars Ava Addams.

1/29/2020 – Revenge (book)

An oppressed, gay geneticist unleashes a far-reaching plague which feminizes “alpha” males.  

2/9/2020 - Kidnapped Runaway (captions)

A teenaged boy is kidnapped and forcibly feminized.  Stars Chloe Lacourt.

2/19/2020 - Getting In Shape Story (captions)

In order to lose weight, an overweight man starts taking an experimental supplement.  It works, but it has some curious side effects.  Stars Jaye Rose.

2/29/2020 – Swapped (book)

A young man slowly switches places with his stepmother.

3/9/2020 - Bigoted Boss story (captions)

A racist, sexist man is slowly feminized and forced to become the kept-slut of a gang of black men.  Stars Ariella Ferrera.

3/19/2020 - Pregnancy Story (captions)

A couple, unable to conceive, start an experimental program which would have the man carry the child.  It has unforeseen side effects.  Stars Karla Kush.

3/29/2020 – Warrior Book (Title TBD) (book)

A young warrior is captured by a group of Amazons and forced to conform to their society.

4/9/2020 - Hypnosis Story (captions)

After attending a hypnotist show, a man starts to slowly change his wardrobe (and his life).  Stars Abigail Johnson.

4/19/2020 - Gang Leader Story (captions)

A ruthless gang leader is captured and feminized by his rival.  Stars Anya Ivy.

4/29/2020 – Basketball Story (Title TBD) (book)

A great basketball player on the downslope of his career slowly starts transforming into a young white girl.

5/9/2020 - Roommate Story (captions)

A man becomes roommates with his childhood bully, who he feminizes.  Stars Alina Li.

5/19/2020 - Secretary Story (captions)

The young heir to a vast, multi-national corporation discovers that his father has been feminizing and enslaving his rivals for years.  Star Shyla Stylez.

5/29/2020 – Undercover High School Student Story (Title TBD) (book)

To find the origin of a deadly new drug, a rookie police officer goes undercover as a female high school student.  

6/9/2020 - Feminized Husbands: Volume Three (captions)

In the third installment of this popular gameshow, a new group of men is feminized.  Stars TBD.

6/19/2020 - Job Loss Story (captions)

After losing his job, a man is forced to take a position as a receptionist at his wife’s place of work.  However, his new boss has certain expectations for his secretaries.  Star TBD.

6/29/2020 – Sequel to “An Experiment” (Title TBD) (book)

In the far-flung future of 2124, the world is far different from what we know.  In it, men and women have effectively switched roles.  This story follows a male cop who’s abducted and sent back in time to correct the world’s course.  

7/9/2020 - Prostitution Story (captions)

A young, transgender escort is forced to confront her past.  Star TBD.

7/19/2020 - Boikini Season: Volume Two (captions)

A group of desperate young men agree to participate in a bikini contest.  Stars TBD.

7/29/2020 – Role Reversed World (Title TBD) Book (book)

A look at an all-male football team in a role-reversed version of our own reality.

8/9/2020 - Historically Black University Story (captions)

A young man mistakenly enrolls at an historically black university, where he’s forced to adapt to his new peers’ expectations.  Star TBD.

8/19/2020 - Drug Overdose Story (captions)

When a man accidentally overdoses on a new street drug, he’s beset by a series of ongoing side effects.  Star TBD.

8/29/2020 – Pet Story (Title TBD) (book)

A hedge fund manager and his wife (both horrible people) are kidnapped and forced into sexual servitude.

9/9/2020 - Mind Control Story (captions)

A young woman develops the ability to control her friend’s mind, which sends him down a humiliating path of feminization.  Star TBD.

9/19/2020 - Stepfather Feminization Story (captions)

A teenaged girl catches her stepfather cheating and blackmails him into becoming her feminized plaything. 

9/29/2020 – Third in “An Experiment” Trilogy (Title TBD) (book)

Plot TBD.  

10/9/2020 - Transgender Entitlement Program (captions)

In a world where the female population is dwindling, the government sets up a new program to bring the genders into balance.  Faced with abject poverty, a young man has no choice but to take advantage of the program.

10/19/2020 - Online Identity Story (captions)

A young man catfishes another man by pretending to be a woman.  The other man finds him and forces him into the online identity he had adopted.

10/29/2020 – Superhero Book (Title TBD) (book)

After finding an alien artifact, a young man is transformed into a powerful superhero.  However, that power comes with a price: his masculinity!

11/9/2020 - Captured Soldier Story (captions)

A solider is captured and forcibly feminized and sold into prostitution by a group of terrorists.  Star TBD.

11/19/2020 - Desperate Father Story (captions)

A down-on-his luck man adopts a feminine identity in order to be a part of his family’s life (think a sexy “Mrs. Doubtfire”!). Star TBD.

11/29/2020 –Kidnapping Book (Title TBD) (book)

A do-nothing young man is kidnapped and feminized.

12/9/2020 - Hockey Story (captions)

After being kicked off the team, a college hockey player is manipulated into becoming a female figure skater.

12/19/2020 - Rehabilitation Story (captions)

In a black-dominated world, a resistant family is sent to rehabilitation.  Stars TBD.

12/29/2020 – Age Regression Book (Title TBD) (book)

A young boy is feminized and infantilized by his little sister.  


  1. What happened to the Super Hero Story?

    1. I removed it because it wasn't working. It was going to feature Cara Delevingne, but the images just weren't fitting together right (the face swaps in particular). However, I'll probably revisit it when I want to do a non-scheduled story. Sometimes, when I hit a wall with the photo mods, I just need a little time away from the project to get some clarity as to why something isn't fitting together. I hope that's the case with this one.

  2. These Girl-a-Matic-Guides are by far the best!

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    1. The first month is charged when you sign up. Each month after that is charged at the first of the month. I think Patreon only takes credit cards, but they may take Paypal as well.

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