Feminization Fiction

I know, I know -- we all like to look at the pretty pictures.  However, I am a writer by trade, so I have a tendency to post my traditional text stories here.  Most of the time, I attach my ideas to a particular picture (or set of pictures), but sometimes, I get a little fanciful, and can't find a suitable photograph.  That's when I turn to my word processor, and crank out a story.

In addition, I tend to think that real emotion is hard to convey in a caption.  So, in most of my stories, I like to get a little introspective with these boys.  It's why I started writing in this genre to begin with.  Anyway, I'll just post a link to my page at Fictionmania rather than inundate you with miles of text.

My stories are available on Fictionmania.  Please, take the time to review any you may read.  Your comments, reviews, and criticism is greatly appreciated (and I'm always trying to get better at what I do!).

General TG Fiction

I've been reading TG fiction for years, and there are some absolutely fantastic authors out there.  But about a year ago, I ran into a problem -- I couldn't find the sorts of stories I wanted and hadn't already read.  I've been writing for as long as I can remember, so I decided to sit down and write what I wanted to read.  And so, the Omar Bell Universe was born.  After that, I started to write TG fiction which wasn't constrained by the interracial kink, and these few stories are the result.  Hope you all like them.

Wide Right  

A replacement field goal kicker misses the winning Super Bowl kick, and becomes a social pariah and national scapegoat.  Soon, he finds that he is nearly unemployable, until his girlfriend suggests a radical option -- that he change his identity to such a degree that no one would ever recognize him.


A naive boy is feminized by his girlfriend's best friend and former lover.

Just a Joke

A college student submits to feminization so that he doesn't lose his law school scholarship offer.

What Makes a Man?

This is a series of short stories chronicling the effects on an alternate reality after an angry, dying magician switches the genitals of everyone on earth.


This is a short story telling of a different sort of upbringing for a different sort of boy.

A Warrior Reborn (1st Part of my novel)

Tristan is a warrior, a prince, and masculinity defined.  All of that changes when he is captured and transformed into a feminine sex slave.

The Black Witch (2nd Part of my novel)

This is the sequel to A Warrior Reborn.  In it, Tristan and Arista are captured and sold into slavery -- neither gets what they expected.

The third part of this saga can be obtained via Smashwords.  Just click on the link for "A Warrior Reborn" on the right side of the page, and follow the link.

Omar Bell Universe Fiction

I owe a serious debt of gratitude to the Omar Bell Universe.  What originally started out as something of a satire within the TG genre became the beginning of a creative outlet for me. 

 A Fresh Start

A biracial young man is affected by Dr. Bell's nefarious plan to feminize the world's white male population.

David Jones and the Pursuit of Dr. Bell

This is the last in the "Omar Bell" series (as it's been called). In it, we see the release of the biological weapon and its aftermath through the eyes of a government agent as he tries to track down the infamous mad doctor. This story contains the depiction of a racist villain whose goal in this world is to put white men in their place through feminization.


This is another viewpoint after the infamous Dr. Omar Bell hatches his nefarious scheme to emasculate the white man. It tells of how an overweight photographer copes when he loses his job and then, his body changes.

Best Friends

Another viewpoint following the actions of Dr. Omar Bell in which a college fraternity is turned on its head.


The final in a series of prequels leading up to "Dr. Bell's Vengeance" in which the nefarious Dr. Omar Bell launches a plan to take white men down a notch (or three).

The Aftermath

 This is a tongue-in-cheek magazine article examining the aftermath of Dr. Omar Bell's vengeance.

The Bully

This is a prequel to Dr. Bell's Vengeance, and is the story of how a bullied boy gets even with his former tormentor.

Stick-Up Boy

Another prequel to Dr. Bell's Vengeance in which a gangster is sissified by a drug lord.

The Football Star

 Another viewpoint after Dr. Omar Bell put white boys in their places.  A star high school football player copes with becoming more and more feminine.

Dr. Bell's Vengeance

A vengeful scientist unleashes a biological agent into the atmosphere which is designed to put white men in their rightful place.